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Robin and DeLeigh (pronounced DeLee), owners of Trillium Woods Campground recently moved from Alberta where they were married and lived for the past 6 years. Both have B.S.A degrees in Agriculture and grew up on small family farms. Robin was raised on a pig farm in southern Manitoba and has 15 years in the farm equipment industry. He enjoys snowmobiling and working outdoors. DeLeigh was raised on a mixed (grain & animals) farm in south Saskatchewan and has 10 years experience as a zookeeper. She enjoys cooking, baking and yoga. Both like working outdoors and hope to engage in more hiking and traveling in the off season. Both bring different experiences and knowledge to the the peaceful and quiet natural setting of Trillium Woods Campground.


The campground now has a resident dog who moved with DeLeigh and Robin from Alberta. “B” has adapted well to the change from an urban environment to this natural, woodsy setting, and often accompanies his owners on rounds. A fourth member has also recently been added to the family.  Dylan was an early Christmas present in 2013 and manages to keep our winter busy and will keep our summer even busier.

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