Trillium Woods Campground

Trillium Woods Campground is located just north of busy Sauble Beach and just west of Wiarton, Ontario making it a great location for taking in campground activities as well as all that the Bruce Peninsula has to offer.
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5 Reasons I Enjoyed Staying at Trillium Woods Campground #discoverontario

5 Reasons I Enjoyed Staying at Trillium Woods Campground #discoverontario

It's been almost 10 years since I have camped near Sauble Beach, Ontario.  For a variety of reasons our family was unable to make the journey up to this beautiful area of the province during this time.  I truly wish we didn't have to wait so long.  As I continue to fall in love with camping, something we did for about 3 weeks every year when I was growing up, my love for this area of Ontario also continues to grow.

Previous family camping trips to the area meant the familiarity of camping at Sauble Falls Provincial Park.  This is what we did when I was growing up and since I don't typically like change our last trip in the early 2000's had us camped along the Sauble River at the Provincial Park.  Fast forward 10 years and my wife and 4 kids have found a new family favourite in Trillium Woods Campground.  

Trillium Woods is efficiently run by a great couple, Robin and DeLeigh Lawrence.  Thanks to the campground owners, I am learning how great private campgrounds can be.  As we camped in late August I reflected on 5 Reasons I Enjoyed Staying at Trillium Woods Campground.

5 Reasons I Enjoyed Staying at Trillium Woods Campground

Reason # 1 - Peaceful, Quiet Campground 

The idea that private campgrounds are loud and unruly was in the back of my mind.  Guess again, this place absolutely rocked.  As a radio free campground, it provided a place where members of my family were able to sit back and enjoy the quietness of Spry Lake just about 30m from our campsite without the sounds of Southern ontario.  I must note that my 80 year old parents decided to check out the campground and although they're not staying there this year were totally impressed with what Trillium Woods had to offer in terms of the peacefulness and quietness.

Reason # 2 - Easy Access to Sauble Beach

When I escape the hustle and bustle of Southern Ontario, I need rest.  For me the idea of staying near "downtown" Sauble Beach is anything but relaxing.  Since Trillium Woods is just a short 7-10 minute drive to the north part of Sauble Beach, it's a win-win.  I have the quiet and peaceful and can journey to one of the world's best and favourite beaches for a few hours through the day.

Reason # 3 - Spry Lake

Every member of my family enjoyed sitting by quiet Spry Lake.  The campground sits on the west side of this small lake.  WOW, the Sunrises!  The Sunsets!  The moon reflecting on the lake literally lighting up our campground in the middle night was spectacular. Need I say more?

Reason # 4 - Sand

Almost immediately upon arriving at Trillium Woods Campground, everyone but me had their shoes, sandals and crocs off their feet. It's what you do when camping on the Southern Bruce Peninsula.  By the end of our stay I was beginning to appreciate the feeling. Robin Lawrence noted that on the eastern side of Spry Lake, you are once again on rock which always makes it fun pitching a tent!

Reason # 5 - Provides a Variety of Activity

In 2009, I stumbled upon the work of the Bruce Peninsula tourism office. Explore the Bruce opened up my eyes to what the area has to offer whether that be cycling north of Sauble, enjoying a race at Sauble Speedway, swinging over to Wiarton for a photo with Wiarton Willie, canoeing on Spry Lake or other such lakes, wave jumping and swimming at Sauble Beach or watching kite surfing in Oliphant.  Trillium Woods is a hub for so much of what Ontario has to offer.


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