Trillium Woods Campground

Trillium Woods Campground is located just north of busy Sauble Beach and just west of Wiarton, Ontario making it a great location for taking in campground activities as well as all that the Bruce Peninsula has to offer.
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Canada Day Celebrations


2017 Canada Day Fun

Wow - camp was full this weekend and all had a great time celebrating for our nation.

Pretty much every site was sporting some flag or decorations for the weekend. Camp was looking pretty spiffy.

Our campfire celebration had great attendance, all our 40+ chairs where used from the rec hall. Prizes were awarded to people who correctly answered Canadian trivia questions. There where many laughs and a few things learned from the quiz. Some new acquaintances were formed and old ones renewed.

A good time was had by all!

Special thank you to Hank V for being our fire "master" and Deb & Dave H for use of his decorative fire ring. 

2016 Canada Day Fun

A small but fun loving group participated in the Field day held by the rec. hall at Trillium Woods

Campground on July 16, 2016.

First a big thanks to volunteers Rick, Deb, Debbie & Dave without whom I could not have done with out.

Our first race, the three legged race was ran in a couple of heats, to accomidate some late comers, but in the end two girls (O & A) won the race with some stiff competion. Dee & Debbie were a close second, with S & M third.

Then we moved onto the wheel barrow race where again O & A crossed first, with Dave & Debbie coming in second. There where alot of laughs with that one.

The egg race - a few heat where run with this one, due to misplaced eggs and spoons flying, but in the end M won, with her mom S coming in a close second.

Then paricipants had a small break while we set up for the obstacle course for the water relay race. The obstacle course consisted of weave poles, run around a chair, then a small jump over a stick, then cardboard box. We had a few more kids join us at that point, so we had to improvise on some supplies, and the race went on. After the first heat, we had a tie, so it was run again. After the laughter died down, it was determined that A and Grandma Linda won the race. O & M came in second.

Awards were handed out and photos taken.

A good time was had by all. A special thanks to P. Little of Precision Crafts who donated the 1 place medallions. They were wore with pride that day.

2015 Canada Day Fun

Saturday July 4th marked the first Family Field Day held at TWC. The usual serene atmosphere of the campground was somewhat interrupted with cheers of encouragement to the athletes and yells of congratulations for the winners! The event was organized by Judy (Site 20) with the assistance of a number of capable and keen volunteers. The event was met with sunny weather, blue sky, and warm temperatures (almost too warm!), just what the Doctor ordered. It was gratifying to see the smiling faces on all the participants, adults and kids alike, as everyone was having a good time. In many cases the younger participants had never participated in an "old time" Field Day, with sack races and the like, so parents and older participants were seen trying to demonstrate the finer points of wheel barrow racing etc. to their younger team members. The last event, the "Water Relay Race" was particularly fun to watch, as it was "organized chaos" at best. Six teams of four persons each (mixed adults and kids), participated in the Relay. The goal was to be the team with the most water left in the cup at the end of the four "legs" of the Relay. Those who ran the number 1 "leg" just ran as quickly as they could with their full cup of water down to the Finish line, and poured the water into #2's cup. Number 2 then ran backwards with the cup, back to the Start line, then pouring the water into #3's cup. Number three then ran forward down to the Finish Line reciting the Alphabet, and then pouring their remaining water into Number 4's cup. Number four, ran back towards the Start line singing the verses of "Oh Canada". We all knew when the event was coming to an end, when rousing choruses of "Oh Canada" could be heard all over the campground! We were all especially proud of all the young athletes for their determination and stamina, even the ones who did not win the first place blue ribbon. Thanks go out to the following group of dedicated volunteers for giving of their time and talents, as without them the events could not have gone on: R (Site 74), R and D (Site 53), M (Site 88), A and M (Site 22), D (Site 104) and A (Site 20). Also kudos to our "official photographer", De Lawrence (see pictures included in this newsletter). Thanks also to all of those "extra anonymous hands" who helped in the set up before, and clean up after, the event. Special Honourable Mention goes to two of the participants: Firstly, to five year old J (Site 13), who, despite competing against others twice his age and size, showed more moxy and perseverance than any other participant…J competed in most events, and finished every single one. Secondly, thanks to D (Site 104) who, after zipping down to the finish line in record time in the sack race, graciously donated her Blue first place Ribbon to a young participant when we were "one short". Both great examples of good sportsmanship, which is really what it's all about!

The results of the various events were as follows:

  1. 1. Number of volunteers assisting: 9
    2. Total number of ADULT participants (13 yrs +): 13
    3. Total number of KID participants (12 yrs <): 19
    1. Kids Sack Race (13 entries): Ka (site 39) and A (Site 13).
    2. Adult Sack Race (3 entries): D (Site 104)
    3. Kids Wheel Barrow Race (8 teams, 16 entries): Ka + Lz (Site 39)
    4. Adults Wheel Barrow Race (3 teams, 6 entries): Z and Le (Site 39)
    5. Kids Balloon Race (7 teams, 14 participants): C and C (site 63)
    6. Adults Balloon Race (4 teams, 8 entries): R and Ke (Site 27)
    7. Water Relay Race (6 teams, 12 entries): R, Ke, N, and M (site 27).
    8. Best Dressed/Most Enthusiastic Cheerleader: Le (site 39)

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!

Writen By Judy (#20) Event Co-ordinator

2014 Canada Day Fun

Fun was had by all who attended the TWC Field day saturday morning.

Games includes, "pool noodle - beach ball polo", target casting (fishing), water balloon catch, balloon race, tug -o- war, and the grand finale -water relay, obstacle race.

Fun was had by all who attended the TWC Field day saturday morning.

Games includes, "pool noodle - beach ball polo", target casting (fishing), water balloon catch, balloon race, tug -o- war, and the grand finale -water relay, obstacle race.

Barclay and Ruben even had some fun with a bit of soccor playing before retiring to the shade.

The boys won a few, but the girls got the most points, even with the tug-0-war. Metals and ribbions were handed out and winners photos taken. We had some great exercise and fun. Thanks to all all who came out to participate and to our volunteer judges Rick & Deb E. Good memories made!

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