Trillium Woods Campground

Trillium Woods Campground is located just north of busy Sauble Beach and just west of Wiarton, Ontario making it a great location for taking in campground activities as well as all that the Bruce Peninsula has to offer.
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Geocaching near Sauble Beach

Geocaching near Sauble Beach

Yesterday myself, B and campers Gordie & Arles went geocaching just south of Sauble beach. It was a fun 3 hours and we found 6 caches. Some were a bit more challenging then others. The picture above was one that took a bit more time to actually spot, then to figure out how to get it down. Very inguenious, then another B found - he sniffed it out (see pic below). it was fun driving around and poking around. Geocaching takes you down roads and places you would not normally go or see. There are some spectacular inland views in the area. Once you get into it there are many caches to be found in the area and you can do this activity all over the world.

If you are not sure what I'm talking about check out the website 

I hope I get to do more geocaching and all I want for Christmas is a handheld GPS, so I don't have to fight Gordies for his all the time. ;)

If anyone has more questions about this, please contact us. I'll answer to the best of my ability, but I've only just started and I'm hooked, but have a lot to learn. B really likes the car rides and sniffing out new places. At one point he dragged Gordie thru the bush after a chippy, and we used him to point us back to the car. We got alittle disorientated in the bush. We were not sure if we where following a squirrel track or if B was actually taking us back to the car, but he did get us back to the trail that took us to the car. So he did come in handy. He's not just a pretty smiley face.


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